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My reader’s busy weekend

My reader has been busy this weekend.  Posts tumbled in from all different places, but some seem to fit together well.

The first one I opened was a post about standardized testing by a teacher who must have thought better of it.  When I went to his blog for the link, that post was no longer available.  It was a bit of a rant, but he also made some good points about the need for thinking creatively and collaboratively.

Then I came to Bill Ferriter’s slide about the difficulties of quirky kids fitting into a standardized system.  Once again, creativity and collaborative thinking are important in that they appeal to the quirkiness in everyone.

So how do we appeal to deeper thinking?  Joyce Valenza’s Neverending Search came through with On writing prompts (video and otherwise) from TeachHub.

Finally, one last great site came via my email rather than my reader.  The newsletter from Teachinghistory.org includes all sorts of suggestions for making history relevant and links to sources that will help.

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